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Please consult a licensed health care professional with questions or concerns about your medication and/or condition.

Last Updated
April 19, 2017
“Informed consumers represent our Nation’s greatest public health asset, because the choices that people make every day can have a great impact on their own health... Providing consumers with all the tools they need to make better-informed choices…. is of utmost importance to the agency.”
Strategic Action Plan
U.S. Food and Drug Administration
August 2003

If you are suffering from information overload when it comes to information about medicines, you are not alone. Daily, we are bombarded by medicine information on television and radio, in our newspapers and magazines, on the Internet, perhaps in your doctor’s office, and probably at your pharmacy.

Can all of this information be truly helpful? Could some of it be misleading or dangerous? How can you tell?

As a medicine user, your best offense for using your medicines (whether available only by prescription or over-the-counter) safely and appropriately is to be:

  • Well-informed with good, reliable information;
  • Willing to ask questions of your health care professionals about your medicines.

This section of the National Council on Patient Information and Education's website is designed to help caregivers and medicine users become well-informed medicine users who know where to go for reliable information, and what questions to ask.
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